With or without money
If you do not have
Plans worked out
For your future
You will not benefit
From an abundance of money
In your bank account
Money does not change a person
For the better
If the person is already screwed up
Before receiving it
It is just what it is
Screwed up people with
Mo money Mo problems
People with their hand out
Mass spending
No investing
Being ignorant
Buying dumb $hit
See in this society
It is two different kinds of people
There are
The broke
The rich
Either they are
Content in life
Miserable in life
With or without money
Does not determine happiness
Money is an object
It does not talk
It does not listen
It does not comfort you
It only buys things
It comes
It goes
It has no attachment
To its owner
It is like a feather
In a breeze
Blowing wherever it pleases
At any moment
People need to realize
Money is a tool
With all tools
You must use it for the right job
At the right time
So as to avoid damage
Whatever it is being fixed
Is being fixed properly


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