Funny not until I found out
Where you really were
My mind was racing
With all kinds of thoughts
It felt like Negatively
Was on the prowl
Stalking me
Like a burglar
Preparing to steal
What was most precious to me
My sanity
My happy
My peace
My health
Everything I had of value
More precious
Very priceless
No jewel on the planet
Is even close to its worth
I should have known
When I refused to sale it
You would try anything
To get what you wanted
Believe me the first time
My naivness was my fault
I thought a clean slate
Was suppose to be given
To everyone
Being open
No judging
Used to be my code
Not until a few more people
Like you
Came through my life
Caution is my new motto
Intuition is my next
Because I know now
Deep down I already knew
What my heart refused
To see that thief in you


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