You see the mess you in
You still stick with it
The same horrible job
The same messed up people
The same mental trauma
The same family dysfunction
A familiarity
That keeps you walking
In the same circle
Only to
Kill time
Waste opportunities
To change the ending
Into a better future
Worth having
It is a shame
This happens
To some people
They get trapped
In a loop
Refuse to move forward
Continuing to live a life
In the familiar
Where a spouse
Steadily cheats
Do not work
Give no support
Leeches off you
You stay with them
Where a job
With no growth
With no hope
Less pay
Full of discrimination
You stay with it
You walk the same steps
That never go anywhere
Never taking chances
Because you are afraid of
What maybe in the future
But not realizing
Anything is better than your present
If it means you can be happy
Why not take a chance
Step forward


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