I am
Owning to the fact
I must be the luckiest person
To still be living
After you shot me
In the back
I think I must have
Seven out of nine lives left
I give it to you
You got me
This time
But next time
I will be ready
To shoot first
It is sad
I should have known after
Past experiences
Never to turn my back
On no one
Including a friend
People are temperamental
No one can read minds
Know where another person’s
Mind is at
I hate it is
Not until the opportunity presents
Them or you
If they will sale you down the river
Push you under a bus
To save themself
But of course
I am telling you this now
Because of my mistake
I got comfortable
I failed to protect myself
I had a lapse in judgment
I let my guard down
For a millisecond
Now I’m bleeding
From my back
I did not realize
The reality of the situation
Until the initial shock wore off
Three out of six shots hit me
It was not until
I saw
The lack of concern
On your face
That another life
Slipped away
Leaving me with six lives
To get you back
It hurts that
My love
My truth
Their lies
Their lying by omission
Costed me too much


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