My first mistake was
Talking to him
My second mistake was
Trusting him
My third mistake was
When I gave my heart to him
It should have been
The last mistake given
But dumb me
I kept telling myself
I loved him
Love would get us through
Until he lied to me
Deceieved me
Broke my heart into pieces
Caused my emotions to explode
Going nuclear
I just feel I have lost control
Reeling uncontrollably
Questioning every decision
How could he
Wait until I was invested
To finally introduce me
To the real HIM
Hiding behind the mask
The one
Who switch baited me
I have to admit
I am
In complete denial
I can not believe he fool me
He got me to lower my guard
Open my life
To his madness
Forcing me to
Second guess everything
I can not believe
Any of this
He played with my heart
Strung me along
Then crushed me under his boot


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