Everyday I wake
I am surprised
How much I care
How much I love
How strong my heart beats
Even after the
Many injuries to it
Ranging from
Minor bruises
Small lesions
Gapping wounds
Still bleeding extremely
This thing that
Continues to keep love alive
Inside of me
I must confess
I do not know where
It come from
It is something bigger than me
Supplying me
My only plea
I do wish for
Is a minor adjustment
In order to keep
A proper gauge of my sanity
Believe me
Do not get me wrong
I am ecstatic to not be like you
Incapable of love
I just need more balance
A little of you
Inside of me
So as to protect myself
More from the heartache
That sometimes consumes me
At times
I do not understand
I am not dead from
The enormous grief
The excruciating pain
Caused by my gigantic heart
That at times
Is worn on my sleeve
Often too much
Crippling me
Sometimes for days
At a time
Because each time
The recovery is harder
Than the last
To bounce from
To getting me back
To being me


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