Not until racism
Is put to rest
Not until human trafficking
No longer exist
Not until hate
Is eradicated from every heart
Equality is for all
Non religious
Only then
Thereafter we can say
We are all free
No matter how far we have come
The illusion of freedom
Is what it is
The days of human slavery
Is still real
Of course
It is not like the old days
Bowing to a master
Saying yes sir
Getting whipped across the back
To be conditioned
But what it is
Is the people
Trapped in their own head
Thinking as a inferior
Thinking as a superior
Something some people are still taught
As children to be
When they grow up
In order to erase
All of this
People need to take the initiative
To break the cycle
By getting educated on different cultures
By being patient in different situations
By being tolerant of different people
Respecting individuals
Not grouping everyone as enemies
Then and only then
It will start to change the world
Because in the end
Of all the fighting
What is left is
Bloody human-beings bleeding red
Dead because of blind hate


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