Made too many left turns
Following people
Pretending to know
How to explain the bible
Found out
They were not his true followers
They did not understand his teachings
They were not walking his path
False prophets
They knew nothing
As to find his garden
Where there would be an abundance
Of what we needed
Not what we wanted
Waiting for us
So I had to walk away
To find what I was losing
It felt as if
I ran a marathon
Trying to find it
Heart pounding
Out of breath
Body sweating
Anxiety building
Not able to stand
Any longer
Legs weakening
From the heavy burden
I asked for him to take over
He pushed me down
Taking over
To allow my body
To recover
Releasing everything
That did not belong to me
Off my shoulders
Out of my mind
Out of my heart
Out of my spirit
By slowing kneeling me
To a bented knee
With my hands clasped together
So I could ask for
His acceptance
His love
His forgiveness
For being lost and human


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