You are a person
Without a heart
A soulless human
Without any humanity
A pain in the butt
With your one for all mentality
Walking around amongst us
Getting in the way of
The ones
Trying to be
Willing to get along
For the better good
Of the community
With all the love
I have inside of me
I can not feel for you
A person so hell bent
On destroying everything around you
For no other reason
Besides selfishness
You want the world
To bow down to you
But you refuse to offer
Anything to this society
Your screwed up attitude
Your destructive tendacies
Your feelings of entitlement
Just know
Everything about you
Is so off-putting
All of your self-absorbness
It is not attractive
It is not productive
You are a time bomb
With a countdown
Of mere seconds
Everyone in your radius
Is sure to perish
I just wish you go away
Leave us alone
To live in peace


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