Every once and a while
Push pause
Slow down
The hustle and bustle
Of a busy day
To focus on you
Be in the present
So you can enjoy
What is overlooked in a day
A bit of peace
In a cool breeze
That gently blows through your hair
When a warm sunny day
Begs you to join in
To bring a nice cold drink
To sip
Everso slowly
So as to taste every ingredient
Inside your drink
Waking up senses
That has gone dormant
Because you inhale
Not savor
Anything anymore
Due to lack of time
If you are not satisfied
By that little taste
Of peace
Then go further
Find a paradise
No one for miles
No prying eyes
No electronics
To bother you
Just you alone
Soaking up some rays
Sitting on the beach
Watching the waves
Subside at your feet
Letting every care
Drip off your body
Like sweat
Allowing the smile
You tucked away
To come
To your face
Setting free
Your captured
Tortured soul
Back into the sea


β€œAll Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.

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