When pain consumes
Bodies not broken
On the outside
People hesitate to help
People think they are lying
Their circumstance
But how do they know
How do you know
Have you walked in their shoes
Slipped into their skin
Looked through their eyes
Gone through their thoughts
What is your reasoning
Of doubt
You have neither proved
Their discomfort
Their experiences
What gives you the right
To give an opinion
On something you know
Nothing about
Physical appearances
Do not always present
The pain a person is going through
Pain comes in many forms
It is all-embracing
It can be
Invisibly cloaked
From the naked eye
Where most do not
Look beyond
If they do not have
A microscope
Emotional pain
People run from
Deny its existence
Deny treatment
Because if it does not make sense
You must be lying
Not realizing no one is all knowing
Science has not discovered
Everything in existence
Some people are special cases
A new chapter to add
Into the discovery books


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