Staked a claim on me
At my first breath
It has been trying
To discourage me
Everyday of my life
But became noticeable
The first day
I tried to walk
It knocked me down
In my first steps
But it could not
Keep me down
I kept trying
I wobbled
I toddled
Until my balance
Balanced out
In no time
I was walking
I dominated
My task
At least I thought
Until failure came back
In a vengeance
At each pass
It was not giving up
It wanted me
So bad
It wanted to break
My joy
My hope
My spirit
Getting me depressed
Enough to doubt myself
My actions
My decisions
In this life
Trying to make me feel
I was not good enough
But I am as good as
So I am not giving in
Just yet
I am giving
My better
My best
Steps going forward
Until forward
Is no longer
An option
To getting there


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