If it is being told
By the media
Which they say
Is the truth
So many people
Are consumed with pure hate
Downright evil
To one another
The word humanity
Is a joke
I would have said
It was a complete utter lie
But the evidence
Is stacking up
Because I see it everywhere
On blogs
Instagram post
Comment sections of articles
Walking down the street
Driving across town
Eating at a restaurant
I see what they see
Humans wishing
Other humans harm
Stoking a fire that is
Trying to burnout
Causing an inferno
Of actions
Of words
Unbecoming of
All religious faiths
What would the Almighty say
If he was here now
Would he be proud
Of the fighting
Of the hate consuming people
Of us being divided
As humans
What would he say
Would he cry for his children
Shake his head
Turning his back
On this creation
Of *uck ups
Going home
Leaving us in our mess


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