You are allowed
To make it
Not make it
What is your choice
When you get lost
Do you ask for help
Do you get directions
Do you continue walking
Further losing yourself
Do you stop where you are
Waiting for someone
To come to your rescue
Do you just give up
Subcoming to your mental defeat
Your choice
Your decision
Whether you do it or not
You can not keep
Getting mad at everyone else
They did not stop you
You did
Take responsibility
For your choice
Lack of choice
The most unnerving thing to hear
Is when someone says
They had no choice
Everyone chooses a path
In life
Making choices
Left or right
Up or down
Stay in line
Stay in the middle
Go outside the line
Make a choice
Not to make a choice
Stop your complaining
No one owes you nothing
No one is to blame
To congratulate
On your failures
On your accomplishments
But you
Because your choices
Your life
Lack there of
The decision was yours
From day one to make


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