Are you happy
With your gold digger
The one you left
Me for
The pass around @ss
Who’s in your pockets
Taking all of your cash
See you left a good one
To get a hood one
Now you calling
Begging for another chance
I never asked you
To give me money
To buy me exotic things
To go on expensive trips
I was happy being with you
All I needed from you
Was for you to give me
100 percent
The same
I was giving to you
Since the day
We agreed to be exclusive
Be in this relationship
I am angry that
You lied when you told me
You wanted to settle down
You had no intention
Because you waited only
For a few years to pass
To start looking
Into our neighbor’s backyard
Thinking the grass was greener
On the other side
So why are you not happy
With my replacement
You said
I was not special enough
I asked for too much
To be respected
Treated with dignity
As your queen
I told you in the beginning
I refuse to
Wait in line
Waiting for your touch
What I wanted was
Until death parts us part
One woman
One man
No one else
You do not get another chance


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