Do not tempt a beast
A beast is what you get
Thank you
For you attention
At the end of this
This needs to be over
Before a massacre eludes
Making it hard
To being cordial at best
I do not need you
Lane changing
Coming into my rearview
Veering in front of me
Let us make
This clear
This is
My lane
That is
Your lane
Let us get
To where we are going
Without confusion
Without roadblocks
Without incident
Failure to communicate
Is not my problem
With anyone
I say what
I mean
I do as I say
My middle ground
Is staying in my lane
Keeping my opinions
To myself
If I am not asked
It is not mine to give
The end of story
Curtain closes on this act
So here is my dilemma
I thought it was impossible
To have too many people
Not knowing me
Lying on me
But I was proven wrong
Every time
I let my guard down
To invite them in
Into the secret realm
Of where my peace
Is kept
Peace of mind
Peace of heart
Yeah yeah
That mumbo jumbo crap
You think is not for me
To keep
Then your thought process
Is on the fritz
You need to fix it quick
Before I correct you on it
See I am not about
Playing games with my
Emotional health
With anyone
Fix your life
I will fix it for you
Just know
If I fix it
My tools are
Unbecoming of a lady
That now stands before you
That beast inside of me
Even I do not want
To meet
No one is ready to see
Not you
Not me
She is uncontrollable
She only knows predator instincts
Not forgiveness
Not mercy
No feelings
Of how you will end up
After the massacre is unleashed
So before I leave
Do you have
Any more questions
Question and answer
Session is now
Open for you
This is your chance


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