I do not want
To come out my character
For no one
Especially you
But I will
My irritation
My annoyance
Of the sight of you
I deal with it
Well enough
That is my cross
To bare
But heed my urgency now
I am asking you to keep
This in mind
This is the end
Of the road for you
I can not take
Much more of you
I am warning you
I am cautioning you
This is a public service announcement
For you
Anyone like you
To leave me alone
I could careless
Either way of your
It does not matter to me
My thing is
I did nothing
I do nothing
To nobody
Nobody can say
I have done anything
To them
I mind my own damn business
I stay in my lane
I know nothing
About nothing
I do not gossip
I do not question
I do not interact
In conversations
That do not include me
Why is it
$Hit still falls on me
I am not understanding
This concept
This crap of
Why this is happening
To me
This worthless nonsense
This $hit storm
That is taunting
That is following
That is chasing me
I do not give
Two $hits about
What you do
How you do it
When you do it
Where you do it
When it does not concern me
Stop being mad
I refuse to be in the audience
Clapping in the crowd
For you
Get over it
Be glad
Another person is not being
Fake with you
Kissing your @ss
Laughing behind your back
That is not me
Do you
I do me
Live your life
You do not need me
To be your cheerleader
In this world
That is what your family
Are for
I am neither to you


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