I am not seeking advice
Only venting
You see
Let us get this out of the way
I do not have things on my mind
That keep me up at night
My mind is blank
As blank as can be
I just do not feel sleepy
I have tried everything
Hot epsom salt baths
Lavender incents burning
Sipping chamomile tea
Black out curtains
Putting me in
Pitch black darkness
Sleeping medications
Prescribed to me
Counting damn sheep
I hate those little bastards
They keep running from me
I just concluded
I am part of an experiment
Called Team No Sleep
I toss and turn
Until the new daybreak
Getting exhausted from wanting
To sleep
I just want to dream
Of all the possibilities
Made for me
Believe me
It is not
Where rainbows
Dancing unicorns be
All that crap
Is not for me
My dream is being
Traveling the world
Having fun
With a family
Created by me
Well damn
I guess that is my
Dancing unicorns
For me


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