Can we all
Just get along
This would be a wonderful wish
To ask
To be granted
By a magical genie
Granting wishes
For these famous words
To come true
To connect on a level
Live and let live
In an environment of peace
But for some reason
We can not
Because we are stuck
In a continuum
A continuous sequence of events
That have greatly changed
But still mostly the same
Because of certain people
With their
Funky attitudes
That are in denial
Unable to accept
That people are different
Whether it be
Sexual preference
Religious beliefs
I wish they come to grips
No one is leaving
They are holding us back
No matter how far
We have come
To get to this place
This big @ss elephant
In the middle of the room
Is still a sore subject
When approached
People get roudy
Ready to fight
Because conversations
Take on a life of their own
As people full of ignorance
Lose their damn mind
Step over a known line
They should not cross
To submerge theirselves
Into a pool of hate
Only to get what
They did not expect
People fighting back
Because the intolerance of
Speaking out of turn
Saying things they should not
Behaving improperly
As if they did not
Have common sense
Is not in season
It is a new dawn
We need to rise
Together to get pass
This disrespectful behavior
The cruelty
The savagery
The malfeasance
Of these home grown terrorist
Committing domestic terrorism
On us all
It is unscrupulous
It needs to be eradicated


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