This is our current status
We do not know
Where the people
In this world
Will end up
We only know
What is being
Put out in this world
As the only answer
To get a point across
Is confusion
It is not working
To many people on the offensive
To many people on the defensive
No middle ground
A retroactive human reaction
Get those that got you
But how does it give us
A solution
Everyone is fighting
No one is listening
On everything
No one accepting apologizes
No one giving apologizes
After things have gone wrong
People said the wrong things
We all have
That burning inferno sensation
Deep down inside our bellies
That drives us close
To the edge of madness
But it is how we process
Those feelings
Really shows
The type of person
You are truly made of
Are you
A person
Who act out on their rage
With an eye for eye mentality
Acting like a barbarian
Beating your chest
Causing volatile riots
Being pulled away in handcuffs
Only to not be heard
A person
Who controls their temper
Thinking of the consquences
Of their actions
Doing things civilized
Fighting for their rights
To be heard
Peacefully being seen
Gathering up the masses
Of people willing
To march along beside you
Cause a movement
For change
In the situation
Who would you rather be
A fifteen minute fame whore
A movement leader
Making history


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