I was not paying attention
I got compliacent
I let my guard down
I was unaware
As it flanked me
From all directions
I had nowhere to run
It covered every chance
I had of egress
I had no way out
It was such
A strong presence
This invisible force
It caused me to stop
Dead in my tracks
I felt encircled
As it approached
At first it came slowly
Then it pounced
Engulfing me
Into its warmeth
Into a bear hug
Something I needed
Something that was missing
From my daily activities
Memories of blissfullnes
Being in the arms of
Someone I needed
Someone I loved
Who made me safe
Refilled my energy
Refreshed my purpose
Cleared my cache
Of useless data
That drained me
I always feel invigorated
By their love
Their hug is magic


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