They are making
Too many movements
Behind their backs
They are hiding something
Passing whatever
It is amongst themselves
Keeping it as a secret
They are not fighting
For peace
It is all written
In the private journals
Plans only exchanged
Between them
No one is paying attention
Something bigger is happening
We are only seeing fragments
Of what they have planned
But it is not enough evidence
For you to believe
That we are going
One by one
Two by two
To the slaughter
These professional manipulators
Mission is to find
Weak minded people
Willing to follow them
Into any situation
Dangerous people
Who do not
Ask any questions
Shoot reload
Shoot again
This society is in danger
It needs a swift kick
In the @ss
Face the realization
That there are
A great amount of people
Being weeded out
For a specific reason
No one is looking
At the bigger picture
These mindless zombies
Doing their bidding
Are just tools
Killing off potential
Great leaders
No one is seeing this
We need to stop believing
All this stuff out here
Is random coincidences
Stop believing in people
Saying the sky is green
Take your rose coloured
Glasses off
Look for yourself
Gather facts
Form an opinion
Instead of having
An opinion given to you
It is time
To wake up


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