Her experiences
Her feelings
No one
Beside her
Can make decisions
For her
To coerce
To tempt
To force her
To get over it
It is in her due time
Not yours
If you do not
Take the time
To know her story
It is on your ignorance
To then speak on things
Which you have not
It is insensitive
To people
That are hurting
To not be heard
By someone willing
To listen
This is why
She calculates
All her movements
In the way she
Talks to everyone
Real information
She gives about herself
It is only
For those
Whom she trusts
Her trust
Comes sparingly
In a very
Restricted manner
Those that got it
Got it by putting
In the hard work
By earning it
She has been
Her aches
Her pains
Her feelings
All of her life
Hiding them
So deep
That no one notices
The dread
The terror
The distress
Inside of her
Because when
They see her
All they see
Is her smiling
Throughout the day
Not noticing
That her pain
Has only
Laid peacefully
Around them
Because she is
Good at hiding
Secrets of the
Of her spirit
Of her mentality
The hardship of
What is her life
Is sensitive information
Not made for gossip


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