When you do not care
They do not care
The risks are
Like bullets
Flying out of
A metaphoric
Machine gun
Harming everyone
You sleep with
It all starts
When you invite
A person
Into your temple
Not caring about
Their name
Family background
Sexual history
If he/she
Will be there
In the morning
Do you understand
This kind of thinking
Only decreases
Your value
Your body
Your life
Having sex with
Multiple partners
Do not make you
A man nor a woman
Only a coward
Unable to
Face your demons
When looking
In the mirror
If you hate
What you see
Fix it
Fix you
Do not cause
Unnecessary problems
The ramifications
Of collecting
Frequent flyer miles
To the nearest clinic
Due to habitual
Wellness checks
Health scares
Is like
Russian roulette
With a condom
That is man made
It can get
Left off
You choosing
One of
Two paths
A death sentence
A baby
A majority
Of people
Out here are
Not capable of
Facing either
So stop with the
Common sense
Of what the world
Is really like
Sexual transmitted diseases
Sexual predators
Unwanted pregnancy
With strangers
It is a world
Which lacks self control
It is at its finest
As if people have
A death wish
Two *ucks
About the outcome
Living in the moment
People can not be
Afraid to be alone
So willing to lay on
Their back
Because they do not
Want to solve
The mental mystery of
What broke them
In the first place
People you only have
One life
Why cut it short
Off a dumb decision
Of having sex
With a stranger


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