I do not live
In a fairytale
I am not
That little
Innocent girl
That gobbled up
The lies you once told
Continue to tell
I am a little wiser
Experienced of the world
I know truth
Is actions
Not empty words
Thrown at me
So I am inclined
To doubt
Your intentions
Your motivations
I question
That involves you
I believe
In my heart
You are inspired
Purely by self-interest
Trying to gain
Some type of advantage
Over me
Your pursuit
To seek me out
Without regard for
The people involved
It is selfish
Repugnant of you
Because you are
Still mendacious
Full of treachery
You live so dishonestly
Why can’t you
Act honorably
Your selfish reasons
They maybe
Only push people away
Tell the truth
Why are you
Really here
Do you want forgiveness
Do you want a relationship
Are you being pressured
What is it
That you want
Because the hair on my neck
Is standing at attention
Signaling I should be
Vigilantly watchful of you


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