Veteran tricksters
Are always cheating
To get ahead
Creating false identities
To steal
Precious moments
That they can never feel
Or give to another person
Because they are not real
Being a good person
Never plays out right
We are usually
The last people
To finish the race
It is sorrowful
To lose by playing
By the rules
My questions are
How does it feel
For you to treat me
The way you do
How can you live
With yourself
You do the things you do
You have been
The source of my tears
For years now
You have seen them
Flow down my cheeks
Only to puddle
Beneath my feet
I detest that
You put
That sadness
Inside of me
You pitiful
You do not see
I saw that smirk
When you turned
To leave
You thought
I did not see
But I did
It angers me
Your plan
Was to break me
Into tiny little pieces
So small
No one could see
Me needing to be
Saved from
My endless questions
Why me
Why did I let you
See the better part of me
Why this
Why that
About me
Only to realize
It had nothing to do with me
Artificial people
Are already broken
Can never
Break me


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