Heed my warning
Do not tease
Do not agitate
Do not feed
Because that will tempt it
To come close
To see something
Very seductive
Freedom beyond the gates
Some people
See this
As weakness
Asking for help
But for me
It is strength
In this situation
Because I want
To hold back
My devilish intent
My rage
My unemotionality
To give mercy
To people I know
That do not deserve it
Yes it is my dilemma
But if released
It is everyone’s fate
If you want to avoid
The massacre
Then please help
Keep this beast restrained
It can not reach
The chained
Charcoal rusted gates
It will be devastating
For us all
We must
Contain it from the world
Away from everyone
Leaving it
Trapped below
The surface
It is best
My pleaing
Is not just for you
It is for me too
My soul can be lost
Come with me
To the last stand
Protecting the gates
This is the last obstacle
To maintaining peace
It has a hunger
To escape
Capture me
Live inside of me
Only to
Force me
Out of consciousness
Unaware my surroundings
Into a blind rampage
Destroying everything
Only because
No one believed me
When I said
You play with the beast
The beast will eat


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