I am an original
Without duplicates
They broke the mold
After creating me
Anyone else
That says
They act like me
Look like me
Could be me
Is a counterfeit
A liar
You will see
Here is my truth
I am not that person
That will stroke your ego
So eagerly
I am not your mother
Nor am I your babysitter
If you consider me
To be someone special
Someone that will be your forever
Your ride or die chick
The queen of your kingdom
The mother of your children
The person you do not want to hurt
The person you do not want to lose
Then make your decisions
But if you do not care about
My feelings
Hurting me
Disappointing me
Choosing that choice
To betray me
Will have you suffering
The consequences severely
By you losing a good woman
That wanted to love you
For eternity
You can play on your ignorance
Play to your vanity
That I may not leave
But you will be wrong
I will not put up with anyone
Disrespecting me
You have no excuse
You make your own destiny
You grew up from a child
Now an adult
So you should know
Right from wrong
Deciphering what is
Real from fake
Remember me
Before you do something
That will end everything


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.

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