Making sure
To be in the present
Living life in the moment
Being open to keeping
A lover’s happiness
A lover’s paradise
It is a world
Of possibilities
Two lovers
Sharing together
Keeping the fires
In a relationship
Into something beautiful
Something no one
Could have imagined
This is something
I wish for
A partnership
That will last forever
If it is not
What you are feeling
Only lust and nothing else
Then why is it necessary
For me to be a fool falling
Head over heels
In love with you hard
Expecting more from you
When screwing is what
You want to be doing
All the time
Wasting precious moments
Of me finding
A king wanting
To share his kingdom
And heart with me
So please stop just
Putting images of
A life intertwining
A family multiplying
For you to lie to
My heart
My mind
My spirit
That is cruelty
At the highest form
Against me
And that is your
Your problem
If you do not want
Real love
A good woman
To be with
And loving you
Until our days
Ending of natural causes
Departing us


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