What happened to your spirit
What broke you down so bad
Making you so
To everyone around you

Where in your life
Did you lose yourself
That innocence
That kept you laughing
And shrugging off
The little stuff

Because right now
That stick
Up your a$$
Is causing some serious damage
Destruction that is making
This a detrimental situation

And I am tired of this
You constipated
Miserable person
With your attitude always
Dailed up to ten
For no damn reason

This stuff you on
Got you doing
Some demented batshittyness
How can you live
With yourself
Being so difficult
What is your problem

After eight hours of your crap
You make me want
To commit myself
Just so I can be alone
In peace
Listening to silence

Your problems
No one can solve this
Even a mathematician

At the top of his class
Threw up his hands
Saying he did not
Want any part you

Unsolvable equation
That was his last statement
As he ran away
Saying lose his number


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