All in all
Pushing through
Is a way of life
I only wish
Would use
Some good old
Common sense
Make better choices
In their life
There are
Too many
Hard-headed people
In this world
That are doers
That do not think
To give any
Ounce of thought
To boundaries
Set to keep
This society
Civil at best
Do not care
Or understand
Which choice is
A good choice
Which choice is
A bad choice
Which boundaries
That can be pushed
Past their limits
To gain success
Which boundaries
That can not
Be pushed
And what
must stay
In its place
So as to not
Lose freedom
Of life
By either being
In a cage
With either
A dude
Named Tiny
Or a dudette
Named Bertha
In a jail cell
For life
Something worst
In a coffin
Six feet deep
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Thrown on top
End of life
Because of
A wrong decision
You can not
Take back


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