My blood turned
Cold as ice
As I watched
Their mouths move
But the words
They spoke
Did not make sense
Tears continued
To fill
My eyes
Flow down
My cheeks
As I looked upon
An empty shell
With no spirit
In it
You was gone
I could not
Belive it
To have
Your smile
To comfort me
Your arms
Holding me in
Your warm embrace
Your breath
My neck
As you whisper
Sweet nothings
In my ear
It is not right
I can not shake it
This heartbreak
I am feeling
Has no words
Denial has
Taken a hold of me
Engulfing me
Into grief
And my life
Plays a new reality
I can not escape
I feel myself
Slipping away
As my legs
Go weak
My heartbeat is
Slowing down
Near to a flatline
I am close to death
But not close enough
To reach
Out to you
To bring you back
Death says
He does not
Want me
This is his design
For me
This is
My fate
You not
To be here
With me
For me
To Wait
For the
Next life
When we will
To fall in love
So now
I say
See you later
Forever yours
My love
My mate


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