It is a void
That fills me
When you go away
For so long
Each passing day
Feels like an eternity
I do not
Have the strength
To fight
To do simple tasks
In my day
When I do
It is a lonely chore
Without my
Best friend
By my side
Shatters me into pieces
And I feel myself crumbling away
My breathing
Is laboring
My heartbeat
Is weakening
My attitude
Is changing
I miss being
Close to you
I long to
Melt into
Your warm embrace
And feel
Your tender kisses
Upon my neck
I prepare myself
Each time for
By telling
My trembling legs
To give out
Only when you are holding me
So I can be pulled
Into your chest
And bring
Our heartbeats
So they can
Beat in unison
After being separated
For so long
While you have been away


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