I am
All alone
In the middle
Of an ocean
Full of feelings
I can not trust
To figure out
A mystery
Before I drown
And it is
Too late
I need to know
Who is
The traitor
Or traitors
Inside of me
My mind
My heart
My mind said
Do not believe
My heart
My heart said
Do not believe
My mind
They are
Both pointing
The finger
At each other
Who is lying
Who is telling
The truth
I do not know
Which to trust
I feel
They are both
Against me
I am
At that point
Of taking
Extreme measures
Stop trusting
Either of them
Because neither are
Providing information
I have zero help
To help
Something needs
To give
I need
To get out
Of this mess
This bewilderment
And heartbreak
I feel
It is
Distorting everything
That was once
Felt like
Common sense
I am about
To be lost
My cracks are
I am slowly
Breaking apart


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