I do not
How I am here
Dumb founded
Sitting here
Fast forwarding
Through the lies
You told me
What made
You hate me
So much
To do this
To me
You approached me
I was minding
My own business
In my own world
So contented to be
Without you
Why did you
Decide you needed
To sweet talk me
Wait years later
After I gave
You a chance
To show me
You had been
Deceiving me
You made me
Fall in love
With a stranger
An imposter
With the same face
As the one
That said
He wanted
To get
To know me
How is it
He never showed up
And I got
A pretender
Who created a delusion
Making all these years
To amount
To nothing
But false memories
Filled with lies
The sad thing is
You did not
Even believe
The words
You said to me
The love I had
For you
You did not
Take seriously
Balled it up
Threw it away
Like a piece
Of paper
How could
I have thought
We were building
When you were
A stranger
Never introduced
To me


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