I want
To know
More about it
It does not
Frighten me
Threaten me
It intrigues me
A silhouette
That lingers
In my dreams
In the dark
In a corner
Teasing me
In a playful manner
Acting shy
But not afraid
Of me
It knows me
I am familiar
With its presence
So I do not know
Why it refuses
To come into
The light
I squint
To get
A better view
I walk closer
To touch it
I try to
Talk to it
But it moves
Further away
Out of my reach
Keeping silent
Drawing me into
The mystery
Of its existence
My curiousity
Continues to build
Its evasiveness has
Created ardent flames
Inside of me
I am yearning
For them
To be calmed
By this faceless
That has been
Enticing me
Into wanting
To hear
How the story of
Us began
How it knows me
Why does it hide
In the shadow
Of my dreams
And what does
It want from me
Besides my reminiscence
Of a familiar presence
That visits me
In my dreams
All through
The night


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