I finally
How this
Why coldness
Fills the inside
Of my heart
And now
How to warm it
Even after
The heartache
You put me through
I am not
Completely broken
My memories
Helped me
To see
The truth
About you
They came with
Such forcefulness
Flooding back
To tell me
A story
Our life
On a big screen
In my head
As a movie
At first
It was
Too fast
But it eventually
Slowed down
Showing me
In great detail
What you did
To me
How you tried
To leave
Me broken
It began
By you telling
One lie
Then another lie
And creating
A life
On a crooked foundation
Topped with
A house of cards
That was
Ready to crumble
At any moment
It was not
My fault
You could not
Tell the truth
I loved you
I will not
Regret it
I meant it
I was in it
It is your loss
When we
Could have
Had a beautiful


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