He was
The only one
That brought truth
In existence
He walked
This land
Was risen
From the dead
And is living
In the heavens
Above us
He left
This land
Not to one man
But to all
Of us
To provide
In abundance
To feed us
But sadly
We are sitting
Idly by
Being selfish
Not protecting it
From mortal kings
Going to
War without
I ask
Why are you
So willing to
Bow down
And fight
Giving loyalty
Without question
Dying for a man
To keep
His kingdom
His riches
And increase
His power
To reign
Over us
Your obiendance
To a man
That is not God
Does not deserve
A pledge
Of allegiance
When he is
So willing
To kill
The innocent
The ones
Asking the hard
Of Why
Are we doing this
And when can
We have
Our peace
And freedom
These false kings
Have you noticed
Are piling up
In a dark crypt
The throne
Keeps opening up
For more
To come behind them
To gain its power
So they can
Continue bringing
Their tyranny
To keep us
To a lie
Told for centuries
By many kings
Before them
So many times
It became a
Collective delusion
As they tried
Did not succeed
To defame
The true king’s


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