You continue
To put
Above me
I do not remember
The last time
You said me
You loved me
Gone on a date
Taking me
To dinner
Dancing the night away
Making love
Until we were
So spent
That we were
In a love coma
It is
Been so long
That you
Have been looking
Right through me
I can not
Take this
As if
We are happy
I am so tired
Of hearing
You tell me
I am
In my feelings
I am
In them
I stay
In them
Because of you
I have been
Am I here
In this house
In this life
With you
You do not
Appreciate me
I cook
I clean
I do everything
To keep
This family
And everyday
You refuse to
Lift a finger
I am exhausted
Catering to
Your every whim
I am not
The hired help
You are not
Paying me
I am your lover
I am so angry
With you
I am
Tempted to
Choke you
Drain the life
Out of you
Resuscitate you
I can ask you
How hell feels
And if
Your friends
Were there
Waiting for you
The sun
The moon
Sets with them
Leaving me
In this darkness
In love with
A man that
Does not
Love me


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