Speak what
You need
Into existence
Breath life
Into your
Every desire
And watch it
Grow into
Something magnificent
Make your dreams
Become reality
Do things
You need to do
Say things
You need to say
Go places
You want to go
Work your butt off
Like no other
Be your own
Fight for
Your legacy
Because no one
Will do it
For you
Do not be
To be honest
Honest to
The one person
That counts
That reflection
Of yourself
Staring back
At you
On the other
Side of the mirror
She/he is asking
You to love
Before You
Give yourself
To another
Be it true
In a clear
Detailed manner
Leaving no room
For confusion
Or doubt
Because once
You love yourself
People will begin
To see all of you
And what you offer
To the world
Letting things
By passing up
On perfect
It is no crime
To be selfish
It’s necessary
So you do not
Lose yourself
And forget
Your purpose
For living


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