Let’s stop
For this
Faded memory
Full of lies
And deception
I can see
Clearly now
Your cruel
My brain
Is working
And piecing
What my heart
In the beginning
Now that
It is hurting
Close to empty
You was never
Into me
You used me
I get it
I am just
Another body
In a rubble
With other
Broken hearted
You are a risk
To my sanity
Telling lies
For no reason
It’s a game
That’s life
Or death
For me
It’s affecting
My emotions
My nerves are shot
I’m going mental
With all
The petty
Head games
You are playing
Saying that
You love me
But deep down
You hate me
When you keep
Sending me
A gauntlet
Of trained killers
Ready to
Shoot me
In the
In my chest
Out of mercy


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