Everyone thinks
By making plans
Their future
Nothing is
To anyone
In this
Group delusion
This can all end
Causing us to
Drop dead
Where we stand
So don’t think
You’re special
Over another
Live your life
To the fullest
And be a good person
It’s a do
Or die situation
On countdown
And no one
Knows the end game
It is his gift
To give
On how long
He will put up
With the ignorance
Of people
Stop pretending
We have control
Of life
It’s an illusion
We live in a world
Of judgement
With simple choices
There is no room
To play
In the middle
We are all puppets
To the tune
Of two
Grand master gamers
Be aware
All your choices
Dictates who is
Your controller
Either you
Choose God or Satan
To be
The keeper
Of your soul
This will be
The most
Important decision
You’d make
So don’t order
Like you’re
Buying a Starbucks
This is for
An Infinitant decision
Nothing to be
Taken lightly


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