No one
Knows your life
Or the struggle
You make
On a daily
Just don’t lie
About it
Live your Truth
Don’t hide
Behind the lie
That you are
An independent woman
When you rely
On men to pay
Your bills
And give you gifts
One question
What would you do
If men
Did not
Would you even
Consider it
To take off
Your clothes
And prance for them
You say men
Don’t take advantage
Of a you
Because you’re
Your own boss
But all you’ve bossed
Is opening your mouth
And laying on your back
Any right
It’s your decision
You made
Your choice
Are you really
Being true
To yourself
When you’re the
Next act
Following someone else
For tips
Why are not
In your brain
And your good sense
To make money
The right way
And be your own boss
In any event
It’s your decision
To live your life
You don’t
Have to answer
To me
It’s not my life


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