I do not
To walk
In anyone
Else’s shoes
I will
Never be
A failure
I’m a winner
In my heart
Of hearts
I came
To my senses
I saw
What I was meant
To be
It’s not
Being with you
That person
Was a stranger
That possessed
My body
And corrupted
My soul
I cried
For days
To cleanse
When I wiped
My eyes
I was able
To see
The truth
For the
First time
I saw
With new sight
It was a
Vision of beauty
It was me
Smiling bright
I was
Without you
And my
Life was
All right
I promised myself
To never
Allow that image
To fade away
I finally
Had my strength
You made
Me weak
In the past
I could only see
Tunnel vision
I got so far
Off track
I was
On a mission
Trying to prove
You wrong
Just for that
Short while
It felt like
An eternity
In your shoes
I was
Doing dumb shit
Mirroring you
Your stank
And I allowed
Your anger to
Consume me
I was lost
Inside of you
I had to get out
I broke
The only rule
I had for myself
To always
Be true
Be me
And never
Be a duplicate


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