Two glasses
On a table
Rotated to
Your point
Of view
It does not
Everyone else
Sees it as
But you
Say it
Ain’t so
Your reasoning
Is warped
You will never
The truth
Even if
It was
Presented right
In front
Of you
My conclusion
Is I’m damned
In whatever
I do
I will never
Have the chance
To be
A part of
Your life
I’m forever
At arms length
With no
To back it up
I’m feeling
Some type of way
Because you lied
You put me
In this position
Making me
Feel like
I’m the one
That is wrong
And blind
To the truth
I shouldn’t have
To defend myself
When I’ve
Committed no crime
Against you
You are the one
That let your
Past and enemies
Condemn me
Someone else
Made the decision
To hurt you
That was them
Not me
I’ve been here
Standing steadfast
Beside you
Never faltering
Real and confident
In every step
I made with you
I laid everything
About me
Out on the table
You should
Know me
My heart
My story
And my character
Nothing has
Ever changed
I’ve been the same
I hate how
You say
You want
Someone real
But keep
Doing stupid
Things to offend me
Stop taking it
Out on me
I’ve never
Turned my back
Once on you
I was the one
That told you
You was family
Embraced you


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