You said
You would
Need me
Want me
Love me
And only me
For life
But it wasn’t
The truth
Your sidechick
I guess
Had enough
Of you
Telling her
You would
Leave me
Divorce me
And make
Her your
New wife
You had
No intentions
In leaving
Nor I
And that became
Your biggest mistake
You put
Your trust
In a scorned
With secrets
You kept
From me
And she got
Tired of
Your many excuses
She did
What she felt
Would make
Her happy
With one click
Destroying us
All the
Proof of
Your explicit
In black
And color
Your cheating
Has costed
Us everything
It was
An ultimate kill
Killing us


I will not
Be the other woman
Waiting in line
For you
I gave you
All of me
You threw
It away
For a romp in
The hay
With someone
Otherthan me
That mattered
Between us
There is
No way
To fixing
This mess
You created
Call her up
I know
She’s waiting for you


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