With me
Or against me
Take heed
To my warning
A lie is
A deal breaker
In any type
Of relationship
With me
It is not
You are saving
With your lies
But yourself
Be truthful
To avoid a decision
That is mine
To make
I am not afraid to
Live without you
In my life
I will have
No regrets
Do not
Come to me
Your truth
Come quickly
With your answers
When I ask questions
That matter to me
Say it
Without thinking
Too much
To save face
Your lies
Will never
Give me comfort
So do not
Make it
Your only excuse
To avoid
The disappointment
Upon my face
There is a greater
Price to pay
For every lie
You kill
What was ever good
Between us
And replacing it
With empty space
Dividing us
So much
We will never
Be able to
Find our way back
To each other’s
You can not have
It both ways
Either you
Live alone
In a house
Full of lies
With me
In Truth
It’s only one world
I can live in
And I know
You know
Which place
Do not put it
On me
When you let
Your cowardness
Lead you into
Pushing my hand
And choosing
To leave
After I find out
What you
Could not
To my face


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