We use
To be
So close indeed
Nothing could
Come between us
Even the air
We would breath
Had to fight
To squeeze between
We couldn’t breath
Without each other
I was there
You was there
We were inseparable
Thick as thieves
We would
Smother ourselves
With each other
Talking through
The wee hours
Like there was
No other
Other people
Other place to be
Other whatever
It didn’t matter
We would fall asleep
On the phone
Waking up
To each others
Then fall back
To sleep
Not hanging up
The phone
Exhausting ourselves
When we would
Share everything
A lifetime of stories
Of our life
Our dreams
And our future
Life stood still
In that moment
It was ours
Nothing was impossible
We was
A ride or die love
At least
We thought
Nothing could break us
But we are here
Now and
We are
Dying slowly
Falling apart
At the seams
Years have past
And it keeps
Getting ugly
Our love
Has become empty
Nothing is left
To refuel us


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