Going back
And forth
Two World’s
Is dangerous
Either let go
Of your pain
Or let go
Of your joy
You can not
Hold on to
Two World’s
Without consequence
Jumping in
And out
Of them
On a daily
One day you
Will explode
And lose your sanity
On reentry
What would you do
Would you stay
Would you run away
From the commitment
Of loving me
Living for me
And being with me
Forever and a day
If I tell you
I love you
I need you
I want you
Would you be happy
Would you be joyful
To have everything
In me
Your wife
In your bed
Your queen
In your heart
The future mother of
Your children
The best friend
You can always trust
But you want
To play
This game
We can play
Of course
What if game
Just hope you don’t lose
Because all games
Have to end
What ifs
Are the scenarios
That will leave
You empty
And alone
At night
In your bed
Searching for
What you lost
You was too afraid
To open your
And let go of
Things in
Your head
You can not
Hold on to the
It’s History
That’s what it is
It has nothing
To do with me
Someone else
Caused your pain
Don’t take it
Out on me
Don’t treat me
As if I am
Your enemy
I’m not the one
That broke your heart
Leaving behind
A tortured soul
Not able to
Leave among
The living
Release your sorrow
Heal your heart
Take my hand
And let me lead
You to our forever
Just made for us
A beautiful
Place indeed



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