It’s a question
You need to ask
If you are
In the middle
Of the ocean
With no lifeboats
No lifevest to put on
Just endless water
What do you do
Drown or swim
To safety
Common sense
Would say swim
For your life
So why is it so
Hard for you
On land
To help yourself
When you are dry drowning
Surrounded by ignorant people
Why do you
Continue to overindulge with
Their nonsense
They are not
Looking out for your
Best interest
This life brings
Enough crap
Political views
That don’t
Help no one
But the rich
And powerful
Making them richer
Family secrets
Coming to light
Not hidden in the closet
Like they use to
These restless skeletons
Want to breath
Fresh air
And walk
Among us
They are speaking up
For their victims
Unlike their protectors
Friends that are
Yet are friends
Damn that’s confusing
I rather be
By myself
Then be in that
Colossal mess
And last but least
The broken society
That hates
For no other reason
We all have
Slight differences
We all are human
With the same makeup
Blood Bones Organs
So why are people cruel
To one another
Over the helpless
Kicking them down
While they are
Already on the ground
Begging for mercy


$hit is ridiculous
This crap just will not
Go down the toilet
It won’t
Flush away
It just keeps circling
Coming back up
To the surface
Peaking over the rim
Meanwhile stinking up
The joint
Leaving you
Two choices
Fix the problem
Seek professional help
Because this clog
In your life
It’s a nuisance
You’re out of order
In need of repair
For no reason
You’re not obligated
To save everyone
If you can’t save yourself
Tackle one thing at a time
Or you will be no use
To no one


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